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Building a safer Internet for everyone.

As a next-generation IT consulting firm, we specialize in managed cloud solutions, cyber-security and the development of privacy-centric and ethical products that contribute to a safer and better internet. Our focus is on building world-class solutions that prioritize cybersecurity and digital privacy.

Empowering the Internet to build.


We are working toward solving the most critical problems in order to empower the Internet to build and innovate.


Managed Hosting

We run your hosting. We use enterprise cloud infrastructure. We become part of your team. We understand your business and application. We respect you and help your business grow.


Managed WAF

Managed Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud backed by human expertise for deep analysis & insight into your security and compliance posture.


Zero Trust

Zero Trust is an information security approach which is based on not trusting anybody or any activity by default, including those within the network perimeter.


Penetration Testing

Discover and eliminate real-world cyber attack and data breach vulnerabilities with industry-standard security checklists, including OWASP Top 10, SANS 25, and PCI Compliance.


Endpoint Security

MaxFense endpoint Security provides the ability to check - prevent - detect - respond to information security threats from both inside and outside the enterprise.



Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a comprehensive and cost-effective 24/7 security monitoring package. You can focus on business while we handle detection and response.


Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence safeguards your data, infrastructure, assets, people, and stakeholders from attackers. Threat intelligence and risk mitigation are crucial to optimising your organization's security.


Advanced Research

Using AI, blockchain, and advanced analytics, focus on cutting-edge cybersecurity R&D projects in advanced threat intelligence, active defence, and Industrial Internet of Things security.

“ Having the correct technology helps safeguard your business now, but it is your mindset that prepares you for any potential future threats. ” — Kai Keskitalo - CTO

If you’re on a mission to reshape the world, we’ll be in your corner.

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