Our managed hosting service is powered by Amazon Web Services, providing fast and scalable technology with a global infrastructure. BunnyCDN ensures quick content delivery with over 100+ datacenters worldwide. With our service, your website will be able to handle even the biggest traffic spikes without a problem. Trust us to keep your site running smoothly for everyone.

Managed Hosting

We help businesses scale on the Internet




how are we different:

Our service is powered by Amazon Web Services, the industry leader in hosting technology. Our global infrastructure is designed to handle millions of websites, and with BunnyCDN delivering your content in milliseconds, you can trust that your site will load quickly for all users. Plus, our team of experts takes care of all the technical details, so you can focus on running your business. Choose us for reliable, scalable hosting that will keep your website and applications running smoothly.

“MaxFense Managed Ops is a cloud infrastructure management service that provides a dedicated team of cloud engineers to help businesses build, manage, and monitor their infrastructure.” — Shubhankar Kahali, CEO

Our Platform

Our approach means you don’t have to have all the answers at the start. We’ll work it out together.

MaxFense Managed Ops is the ultimate solution for large enterprises looking to scale and grow their business. With access to thousands of cloud certified professionals, MaxFense Managed Ops can help your company embrace a modern, cloud native mindset and master new architectural methodologies and technologies such as containers, serverless, IoT, and machine learning.

But that's not all - MaxFense Managed Ops also offers expert support in understanding how to scale your IT organization in an agile world, how to transform your environment, and how to streamline your operating models. This comprehensive service is designed to keep your company performing at the highest levels, freeing your team to drive results that make a difference to your business.

Don't let traditional managed services models hold you back - choose MaxFense Managed Ops and take your business to new heights.

The MaxFense way:

Scaling MaxFense Managed Ops can help businesses scale their cloud infrastructure in practical, cost-effective ways by understanding their specific application and priorities. The team at MaxFense Managed Ops is also able to prepare businesses for scaling and growth by coordinating with developers and handling tasks such as migration and launches. The goal is to provide support and expertise to help businesses manage and optimize their cloud infrastructure.

Performance MaxFense offers a range of services and support to help clients choose the right hosting plan and optimize their infrastructure for success. The company provides round-the-clock management, proactive suggestions for improvement, and a range of features including 24/7/365 support and fully managed hardware and network infrastructure. All of these factors contribute to better performance for clients' hosting needs.

Security MaxFense offers a range of services and support to help clients keep their infrastructure and applications updated, secure, and running smoothly. This includes features such as system-level health monitoring and alerts, security enhancements, and virus and spam protection. The company also provides access to Level 3 technicians and fully managed hardware and network infrastructure. All of these factors contribute to unparalleled security for clients' hosting needs.

Support MaxFense offers unparalleled support by providing a range of services and support designed to meet the specific needs of clients. This may include features such as 24/7/365 support, access to Level 3 technicians, and system-level health monitoring and alerts. The company also offers fully managed hardware and network infrastructure and proactive response and restoration of monitoring events. All of these factors contribute to better support for clients' hosting needs.

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