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Endpoint Security

Objective of an endpoint security solution is to monitor and secure every operational endpoint in a network. This is achieved via a centralized management console installed on the enterprise network or server.

These endpoint security tools offer features such as vulnerable endpoint detection, multi-factor authentication, real-time monitoring, user behavioral analysis, and others to detect advanced security threats and, in turn, manage them.

  • Single, central endpoint security management
  • Simplify security management
  • Improve business resilience
  • Identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Threat detection, prevention, and mitigation
  • Simplify compliance and auditability
  • Secure vendor endpoints and remote access


Managed WAF

Safeguard critical web assets with expert tuning, monitoring and management. Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) enhances a client’s investment in WAF technology via powerful cyber threat intelligence, machine learning, years of attack data and staff expertise.

  • Zero Day Immediate Response
  • Malicious Bot and Brute Force Prevention
  • Distributed Denial of Service Protection
  • Stop Website Attacks and Hacks
  • Data leakage prevention
  • Granular security insights on traffic flows


Zero Trust

Zero trust is a security concept that advocates constantly validating devices, services, and people rather than trusting them. The zero trust paradigm assumes that everything linked to a company's system must be validated, whether it comes from someone or something within or outside the business.

  • Secure and Controlled Adoption of the Cloud
  • Better facilitation of Digital Transformation
  • Complete protection against breaches
  • Greater agility in Business and Operations
  • Protect data using granular context-based policies


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a risk-free simulation of real-world cyberattacks against your products. It is the proactive approach to security allowing your project to eliminate vulnerabilities in your systems thereby preventing their compromise by real-life hackers.

  • Identify problems you didn’t know existed
  • Show you the strengths within your environment
  • Identify security controls you need to implement
  • Help you enforce your security strategy
  • Help inform governance and compliance improvements
  • Improve your business continuity


Managed Hosting

Managed hosting and dedicated hosting solutions are designed around your business. We deliver performance-enhancing services, like capacity, connectivity, and resilience, as well as the scalability, support and security to keep your data safe and help your business grow.

You have access to world-class server technology, energy-efficient environments, pain-free data management and backups.

  • Fully managed end to end migrations
  • Management of network infrastructure and hardware
  • Powered by Amazon Web Service
  • Hardware and software setup and configuration
  • Fully managed security



Managed detection and response solutions detect and react to active threats throughout a business, eliminating, investigating, or containing them.

Managed detection and response has grown in prominence and relevance as enterprises recognise that no amount of investment will give 100% protection against attacks and as the magnitude and complexity of the security problem becomes insurmountable for individual organisations of any size.

  • Network Level Threat Containment
  • Automated Threat Hunting
  • Zero-Footprint Data Collection
  • Enable Rapid Response
  • Establish Next-Gen SOC
  • Ensure Advanced Detection


Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence enables the confidence ecosystem to comprehend and continually analyse the cyber attack threat level, allowing it to change its line of defence.

Cyber Threat Intelligence enables the collection, analysis, and sorting of all data connected to a cyber assault, the perpetrator, and the processes utilised. One of the primary problems of Cyber Threat Intelligence is taking action as part of a community since it allows each participant to widen their knowledge of assaults and defend themselves more effectively.

  • Audit, Risk, and Compliance
  • Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities Analysis
  • UCC 4A Investigations
  • Incident Response Intelligence and Analysis
  • Counterintelligence Investigations
  • Threat Hunting
  • Cyber Counterintelligence Training
  • Malware Analysis


Advanced Research

Focused on cutting-edge cybersecurity R&D projects in advanced threat intelligence, active defence, and Industrial Internet of Things security, using the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and advanced analytics.

Innovative and disruptive new ideas will help your advance their cyber capabilities. It has a mix of collaborative research rooms and other specific places to demonstrate cutting-edge prototypes that allow for the quick creation of leading cyber solutions.

  • Adversary Risk Forecasting
  • Customized Malware Attack Analysis
  • Cryptanalysis Services
  • Customized Intelligence and Investigations
  • Preemptive Intelligence Dissemination
  • Custom Research and Development Solutions
  • Threat Remediation Solutions
  • Exploit Research and Development
“ Complete visibility into every incident within your IT infrastructure through continuous monitoring, evaluation and analysis. ” — Shubhankar Kahali - CEO

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